Saturday, May 4, 2013


The Olympic Rally Competition Association




This class
 covers the basics of the NWRC Friday Nighter series, along with tips to stay on time for touring events.  Participants in this rally class regularly are rewarded with victories in their class.  If you want to understand rallying better, this class is a
 great place to start.  This class includes the bonus of free entry to the May Friday Nighter! Come down and get your learn on!

Time:  9AM to approx. 4PM

Where: Audio Visual Specialists Lynnwood  |  2125 196th St. SW Ste. #117 - Lynnwood
 , WA

How to get there: from Northbound I-5 Take Exit 181B,  take
a left at that traffic light and a right at the next one (196th)
.65 mile from there itís on the left behind the dead Valero station, jog to the
left at the top of the little hill

What: How to feel comfortable competing in TSD rallies.

How to compete in TSD rallies and place better in the

How to understand what the heck a trap is

The instructors are members of ORCA and have an embarrassing
amount of rally experience.

The class consists of 3 parts. The morning is a very
interactive PowerPoint exercise designed to teach you the rules.  The
second portion is a practice rally where you will be able to apply what you
thought you learned. There is a lunch break within the practice rally with lots
of fast food choices. This lets you practice allocating time on a longer rally
for food and gas needs. The third portion is a discussion of the practice rally
and what went right and wrong in your car.

We are going to charge you $20 per person for this valuable
experience. That entitles you to free entry in the May Friday Nighter by ORCA.
You will take home a booklet of the PowerPoint presentation and other useful

Bring a watch  that can
be set to an exact time (including seconds) and bring a clipboard if you have

Cookies and pop are provided for the breaks. Coffee is


Any questions and to register: Debbie Sjodin  

Please register by April 27.